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Website alternatives that work in 2022 | Meet the best women totally online. is probably the best app video chat for many people. This website has been operating since 2009 and you can meet and chat with strangers anonymously for free.

In this you can find several types of chats, for students, +18, in moderation and more. So there is a very good variety but if you have already tried omegle and you are looking for another alternative to meet people online, very similar to this one and that works well you have come to the right place. Next, we will show you a couple of very good and free websites.

The best sites like Omeegle in 2022 totally free of charge

If you want to talking to strangers girls without having to spend money, the following random chat sites will give you a great experience:


This website is focused on dating, mature conversations and +18 type. The platform is very well developed and even allows you to use it without being registered, completely anonymously.

It is possible to register on the site and even pay to enjoy additional benefits during the sessions.


It is a website that has a lot of people and is in several languages, the website is quite well designed and comfortable to use. It can be used without registration but the functionalities are very basic, so it is highly recommended to register.

It has different types of chat where you are sure to find one suitable for you. The site is very well moderated so you won’t find any objectionable content.


It is a site of totally random live chats, it has a very good transmission service. You can start conversations with a few clicks, no registration is required and it is totally anonymous.

Its website is quite simple and its use is not complicated for any user, it also offers flash games for you to share with other users.

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